In the land of Kir a war rages: Two warlords are locked in endless battle. Seeing that neither side can win, a powerful wizard summons the ancient Dragons of Kir, knowing that whoever can control the beast, will control the land. With a blinding explosion the Dragons of Kir are released, running wild and unstoppable.

Now it is up to you to summon the forces of nature and rally the remaining troops to send the dragons into your opponent's stronghold. But be wary, the landscape is constantly changing and marauding dragons can move beyond the edges of the battlefield. Just when you think you are safe you find the dragons headed straight for you.

Dragons of Kir
is the new, intriguing strategy board game from Future Magic Games that combines critical and creative thinking into an exciting, fast-paced, 2-player strategy game. The object of the game is to create intricate systems of tiles to force one of four Dragons of Kir to destroy your opponent's stronghold, while defending your own.

Colorful tiles, representing the forces of nature and of man, create an ever-changing landscape of challenges and pitfalls. The battlefield is edgeless, creating unlimited flow and allowing for a depth of strategy to challenge even the most cunning player.


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