Beta and Aum, weary from battle and drained of mana from attempting to master the marauding dragons, collapse back into their war-tents hoping to regain strength and emerge victorious from the battlefield. In their idleness the wizards have left themselves vulnerable. The piercing cry of a battle horn tears through the silence... and then the low rumble of footsteps and armor begins to fill the air. The Warlord tribes from the West have seized their opportunity and are moving onto the battlefield, ready for war.

Dragons of Kir: Warlords expansion brings new twists and opportunities to test your strategy, offering play for 3 & 4 players. 3-player strategy now incorporates a cut-throat gambit - be the only warlord to wrangle a dragon into your war-tent and capture its power. 4-player creates more opportunity to balance offense and defense - create fleeting alliances to prevent another warlord from claiming victory or seize the opportunity to advance while forcing another warlord to fend off an opponent's attack. The Dragon Token shifts gameplay by alternating which player will place first each round.

These wooden sets have been hand crafted in a small cabinet shop in Northern CA, by Bill Byrne and Jenna Byrne who you will also find in the production credits of the boxed and Red Tube version of Dragons of Kir and Darter. The dragon artwork by Bowen Comings was created into a metal stamp to burn the image into the wood.


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