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Object of the Game

Outlast your opponent and force one of the Dragons of Kir to hit your opponent’s war tent and you win.

Order of Each Turn:

  1. Each player places a tile.
  2. Resolve any Dragon tiles played.
  3. Move each dragon forward one square.
  4. Resolve any activated tiles.
  5. Remove any destroyed tiles.
  6. Each player draws a replacement tile.

Step 1: Place Tiles

Players place tiles on the board to influence the movement of the dragons. The first player always places the first tile each turn. You may place a tile in any unoccupied square on the board (Dragon Tiles are the only exception). A square is unoccupied if it does not contain a tile, a dragon, or a war tent. Pay attention to how the tile is oriented when you place it on the board.

Step 2: Resolve Dragon Tiles

Dragon tiles are activated immediately after both players have placed a tile, and before dragon movement

Step 3: Move Each Dragon

All dragons move forward one square each turn. Dragon movement ends, unless a dragon activates a tile as a result of its movement. When placing a tile, remember to take into account this initial forward movement.

Step 4: Resolving Tile Activation

Check to see if a dragon’s movement has activated a tile. A dragon activates an Impact Tile when the dragon hits the Impact Tile head-on by moving into the Impact Tile’s square from an approachable side. A dragon activates a Proximity Tile when the dragon moves into one of the Proximity Tile’s squares of influence and is facing in the proper direction. Once a tile is activated by a dragon, it will move the dragon. A dragon moved by a tile cannot be affected by any other tile until the first tile’s effect is complete. A tile can be activated by the initial forward movement of a dragon, or by subsequent movement caused by another tile. A dragon, in a single turn, can re-activate a tile, but no single tile can be activated twice in a row by the same dragon.

Step 5: Remove Destroyed Tiles

Tiles can be destroyed by the movement of the dragons. An Impact Tile is destroyed when a dragon enters from an unapproachable side of the tile, or enters the tile’s square with its side. Proximity Tiles are destroyed when a dragon enters the same square as the Proximity Tile. Destroyed tiles are removed at the end of each turn, after all dragons have completed their movement.

Step 6: Draw a Replacement Tile

Each player draws a replacement tile to bring the number of tiles in their hand back to four.


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