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The Tiles


Impact Tiles

A dragon activates an Impact Tile if it enters the same square as the Impact Tile, hits the tile head-on, and enters the square from an approachable side. Once activated, an Impact Tile will move the dragon. Impact Tiles have either one, two, three, or four approachable sides depending on the tile. There are six Impact Tiles: Monk, Samurai, Ronin, Single River, Two Rivers, Three Rivers.

Proximity Tiles

A dragon activates a Proximity Tile if it enters one of the tile’s squares of influence, and is facing in a proper direction. Each Proximity Tile has a specific set of squares of influence, and once activated, will move the dragon. Proximity Tiles have influence in one, two, or all four directions depending on the tile. A Proximity Tile’s squares of influence which would reach off the board, extend to the opposite side of the board. There are six Proximity Tiles: Watchfire, Wildfire, Wind, Storm, Lotus Flower, Lotus Pond.

Dragon Tiles

A Dragon Tile can only be placed on top of a dragon. Dragon Tiles resolve before any movement occurs. There are two Dragon Tiles: Dragon Breath, Dragon Lair.

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